In the national interest, we need to automate the nation.

The future looks brightest for companies who leverage the possibilities of Automation and Industry 4.0.

Dematec Automation helps companies in water, defence and manufacturing to reign supreme, when based in high-cost economies.

Traditionally, the advantages that companies keep close to home are quality, design and function to compete with low cost economies. With advanced technology and talented engineering, production is now more cost effective to keep nearby or in-house. Doing that generates prosperity for an advanced economy and promotes high value jobs – issues very close to our hearts.

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Our industrial grade capabilities

  • Automation engineering design & consulting
  • Electrical & control system design
  • Communication & telemetry network design
  • IIoT platform creation and implementation
  • Integration of automation systems including robotics, PLC and SCADA systems
  • Production monitoring and reporting systems
  • Construction and installation of electrical switchboards
  • System commissioning and maintenance
  • Engineering support services including 24/7 on-call facility
  • R&D concept and prototype development
  • Project management & system delivery

We help clients to reduce costs, while increasing their production rate to be more competitive in the face of globalised competition; because low-wage countries are not the full story.

The most significant threats come from advanced economies that have mastered the needs of their markets and produce high-value goods using the right technology to automate, in such a way that they prove to be highly profitable and hard to beat on price (note price does not automatically mean low).

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We say with confidence, based on experience and fact, that the future looks bright for companies who leverage the potential and possibilities of automation.

With Industry 4.0 solutions, we automate companies where it makes a compelling commercial case to do so.

Improve prices and margins by enhancing customer experience and concentrating on design to implement simpler and leaner structures with automation.


You can also decrease marginal costs, allowing more scope for price setting (a critical capability for companies who are currently price takers).

How do you change the way companies in high cost economies become more competitive?


Automation Nation shows you how to utilise technology in the service of new competitive advantages and the latest automation technology impacting the world.


See the latest in Automation Technology, innovation and thinking.


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Support and customer service is the foundation of our business. We deliver world-class engineering to the most remote parts of the Earth. Count on us to help you realise the benefits of the 4th industrial revolution.


How even small operators can get big time automation.


Explore a world of solutions for water, infrastructure, defence, manufacturing and more. Companies who embrace automation have a bright future.


Are you a talented engineer looking to change the way a nation prospers?


We can help you to take on the big challenges that go beyond tinkering. We value thinkers, problem solvers and dreamers who want to make an impact for the benefit of others.


What are the big things that happen, when you connect industrial “things”?


Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is here, it’s happening and changing  everything from business models, customer service, automation efficiencies and corporate expectations.


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