Explore the profound impact talented engineers and technology can have on commercial imperatives.

Understanding the impact of automation and industrial digital solutions.

What if you forgot everything you knew about how to make something and started from scratch, using today’s automation technologies and made it ‘born digital’?

One very current example - automotive. New strategic thinking, coupled with automation and industrial digital technologies, has created a new breed of car manufacturing – which has reinvented the car, the manufacturing process, business & marketing models, to redefine what a car actually is. Think an electrified vehicle, powered by apps which customers subscribe to; essentially an iPod on wheels. What makes this interesting is, the incumbents have become laggards, now scrambling to catch-up.

Think about how this could be applied to your business. Companies build and produce things based upon established knowledge because that equals ‘less risk, more certainty.’ But as evidenced from the automotive and other industries, profit and competitiveness can be lost with ‘this is how it is done’ thinking. As a consequence, new valuable technology fails to gain a foothold in order to raise competitiveness. Conversely, those who do adapt gain new advantages which can be incredibly hard to replicate.


Be brilliant at the basics. Sometimes, just ensuring the right technology for the right purpose is used in the right way, can generate significant results. We provide expertise with the essentials of automation, such as SCADA, PLC, Control System Design and Compliance. Our people take ownership of what they do, keeping you fully informed, every step of the way.

From unleashing new unforeseen value, to ensuring mission critical systems never fail.

“The aims of the $21.4m project were exceeded and continue to improve thanks to the insights and delivery by Dematec, using their IIoT platform.”


John Gransbury

Principal, HydroPlan


“Dematec have provided practical advice and solutions and prompt support for our production facility over the past two years.

I would not hesitate to recommend Dematec’s services.”


Stephen Harvey

Senior Manager Business Services, RUAG Australia

“Dematec continues to achieve a very high standard in maintaining the Common User Facility's SCADA and Control systems. Dematec's intervention in tying all the loose ends in the Cathodic Protection project (even though it is not their charter in this contract) was first class.”


Keith Taylor

Project Manager Specialist Infrastructure -Defence SA

“My determination to create the best and safest swimming facilities for commercial and government customers has been made so much easier with Dematec. To sum up their support takes one word – uncompromising."


Mark Higgins

Managing Director - State Wide Pool Services Australia